Guţă feat. Shakespeare

Redacția | 10 Dec 2013

Se ia o manea. Se traduce în engleza lui Shakespeare. Se interpretează.

“Steal away with me, young lad,
My mother shan’t protest a tad;
And even if she doth protest
Her woe shan’t put my ardor to the test.”
“I’ll spur my noble steed tonight
And lead thee to the grove, I might!
We’ll vex the village into a fright.”
“Ho, hum, hey, prr, prr, prr,
Tonight I’ll rape thee in a spur!”
“Come, lad, come on quick,
Thou art fickle as a flick.
“Lo, thy mother hither comes
With a club betwixt her thumbs.”
“The house thou own, the cart,
And the mill I know by heart!”
“Want my money, ey, that smart?”
“I want manly men, no weaklings
But my heart you fill, you jinx,
I’d sell my papa’s home and cut the links.”
“Knock, knock, knock I, at thy door,
Now I’ll rape thee, jest no more.”
“Thou art such a blundering dunce –
I demand flowers at once!”
“I forgot to pick them, drat,
I have been a wretched rat!”
“I am poor and hold no power,
But am lovely like a flower.”
“Like a flower, flower, flower,
All thy sweetness I’d devour.”
“I would feast on all thy gold…”
“I’m enthralled, I’ll pass out cold!”
“Watch out – mallet! Lo, behold…”

Din secțiunea Frivolități a Caietelor SUB25 #1- Autoportret(e).
Traducere: Ioana Pelehatăi.
Interpretare: Sebastian Ispas.
Filmare: Popski Production.

Caietele SUB25 este o revistă bianuală editată de Asociația SUB25. Găsiți primul număr în rețeaua Cărturești începând de miercuri, 18 decembrie.

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